Producer: Max Davids

Max Davids Producer

Max Davids

Producer / Executive Producer 

Max Davids is a producer, executive producer, founder and CEO of Hollywood Productions. Max is focused on providing the strategy and vision that enabled HPL to become a full service production company. Now, the company has several projects in various stages of development and production.

A well-respected Internet media and entertainment executive, Max spent 10 years managing LA Management and its sister company an Internet media agency.  He is most noted for his role as founder and chief executive officer where he built the company into one of the most creative media and entertainment enterprises. His media network reaches millions of worldwide consumers through its vast stable of Internet properties. Max is credited with building the company from a single web site with no visitors to a network of multiple diverse online businesses, which serve over twenty million page views monthly. Max has successfully demonstrated how to run a company on a small budget using the Internet as its number one marketing tool. His company has delivered successful marketing campaigns for clients in various industries and especially in the entertainment industry. These names include Planet Hollywood Casino, Ritz Carlton, W Hotel, and powerhouses such as HBO (Entourage/Unscripted), Fox (American Idol Season I), MTV, Warner Bros, Universal Studios and many others. Max participated in packaging and funding entertainment projects and has established many valuable industry connections with talent, producers, directors, media executives and investors.

Max is the leading producer and executive producer on the HPL’s latest feature film “Paranormal Whacktivity”, which he developed and produced with his partners Anthony Topman, Ric Young and academy award winning producer, Harvey Lowry. Max is the creator and director/producer of the upcoming TV documentary series “Dream Surgery” and “Millionaire Next Door” both in production.  Currently, Max is being attached as a producer to other TV projects and feature films involving top talent (i.e. Liar’s Dice, My Uncle, Pain Or Death, Complicity,The Kentucky Fried Horror Show, Murphy’s Creek).



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