Universal Video on Demand has released a new Horror Comedy Spoof Movie, Paranormal Whacktivity


Los Angeles, CA (October 10th, 2013) Just in time for Halloween, Universal Home Video on Demand has released a new horror comedy spoof movie, Paranormal Whacktivity. Max Davids, leading Producer and Executive Producer of Paranormal Whacktivity, has officially announced the film is now available at all on demand channels.

Movie Trailer:  http://ParanormalWhacktivity.com/trailer/

Hollywood Productions and Waterline Pictures produced the highly anticipated comedy spoof movie “Paranormal Whacktivity”. The film was directed by Roger Roth. Producers Max Davids and Anthony Topman led the production team which included award winning producer, Harvey Lowry and famous actor and producer, Ric Young. What a perfect timing for this independent film release to kick-start your Halloween celebrations! This month is about watching your favorite horror flicks, eating too much candy and having fun with friends and family. Many Halloween goers dress in favorite scary movie costumes and others dress as famous non-horror characters.  Paranormal Whacktivity movie delivers the best of both worlds that everyone will enjoy watching this Halloween season. It’s a great spoof of the scary Paranormal Activity films mixed with parodies of recent non-horror blockbusters such as Avatar (Directed by James Cameron), 500 Days of Summer (Directed by Marc Webb), Inception (Directed by Christopher Nolan), The Hangover (Directed by Todd Phillips), Superbad (Directed by Greg Mottola) and many more unexpected surprises. The viewers around the world enjoy watching such big movies parodied in a completely independent spoof. The producers and their creative team used all the resources at hand to deliver an entertaining film on a small scale independent budget. Of course timing is the key to success and releasing the film now is absolutely perfect.


The viewers can watch the film through Universal Home Video on the following on-demand cable and satellite networks: AT&T Universe, BrightHouse, Charter, Comcast, Coxx, InDemand, Insight, Interactive Optimum, Mediacom, RCN, Roger’s, SHAW, Verizon, Bell, Time Warner Cable, and Dish Network.

For a full list of On Demand Networks visit:


The viewers can also download the film through the following online on demand networks: Amazon, Blockbuster, CinemaNow,  iTunes, Playstation Network, VUDU, YouTube, and Zune.

For a full list of On Demand Websites visit:


About the movie:

Paranormal Whacktivity
Rated “R”
Produced by: Hollywood Productions
On Demand: Universal Home Video
North American Distributor: Screen Media Films
International Distributor /Sales: Archstone Distribution
Official Website: http://ParanormalWhacktivity.com
Official Trailer: http://ParanormalWhacktivity.com/trailer/

Director: Roger Roth
Screenplay Writers: Geoffrey Plitt and Chris Pentzell.
Producers: Max Davids, Anthony Topman, Harvey Lowry, Ric Young.
Starring: William Patrick Riley and Sasha Formoso.
Music Composer: Taras Tkachenko.


Paranormal Whacktivity is a sexy and hilarious spoof about a couple who have just moved into a new home to consummate their relationship, but find peril around every corner due to an evil presence that haunts them whenever they attempt to be intimate.



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