Paranormal Whacktivity selects Archstone Distribution for Domestic and International Representation

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Los Angeles, CA (February 2, 2013) Paranormal Whacktivity selects Archstone Distribution for Domestic and International Representation right in time for the German Film market. 

Paranormal Whacktivity was produced by Hollywood Productions, Waterline Pictures and Ascension Media. The film was directed by Roger Roth. The production was led by producers Max Davids, Harvey Lowry, Anthony Topman and Ric Young. The screenplay was written by Geoffrey Plitt and Chris Pentzell.

Paranormal Whacktivity is a funny comedy spoof movie that is set to involve viewers with an uncanny mixture of expectation related to impending proximity between a man and his girlfriend and sudden and entirely unexpected intrusions by supernatural forces. As the man and his girlfriend enter into a new house to begin their martial life, all eager and taut to consummate their union, they face shenanigans from forces that can be heard and seen but not tackled and exorcised through any known means.

During the Paranormal Whacktivity experience viewers are treated to twin sensations of witnessing eager and voluptuous union between a man and a woman with an apprehension of supernatural forces barging in any minute and spoiling the bliss that is about to unfold. The beauty of the movie is that each frame is superbly balanced between sexual proximity between a man and a woman and the fear of paranormal. But, the film never degenerates into a horror movie, it’s of a comedy, and one can definitely call it a spoof of Paranormal Activity franchise and other big Hollywood blockbusters. It is a delightful mixture of all rolled into one and fun loving humorous crowd would surely enjoy it to the seams.

Such movies, though brilliant works of art and humor, often needs proper distribution and publicity for commercial success as it would be too much to expect all viewers to be equally suave and possessing super refined sense of humor and an ability to laugh even at the oddest situations.

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The choice of Archstone Distribution has been one of most prudent moves by producers of this movie. This distribution and sales company is one of the selected few in Los Angeles that has developed a reputation of distributing movies that are out of the beaten track and aim to involve viewers through curious and mostly extremely interesting mix and match of diverse emotions. A casual glance at this distribution house’s list of movies will reveal a bouquet that is unusual and quite out of the ordinary. One wonders whether any other distribution house would have dared to shoulder the responsibility of distributing such oddball movies as ‘My Awkward Sexual Adventure’, ‘Excision’, ‘Hide Away’ or the ‘Blue Lake Jazz’, not to mention the horror thriller ‘Cassadaga’ about to hit movie screens during the first half of October. All these movies were special in the sense that they dared to move out of well trodden tracks of commercial cinema and yet cine buffs seemed to develop some sort of a liking for these titles.

Herein lies the uniqueness of Archstone Distribution and if they are entrusted with release and distribution of Paranormal Whacktivity, the film automatically gets elevated to the rarefied realms of those creations that defied norms of industry and yet managed to leave their mark in the minds of connoisseurs and plebeians alike. With such a jumpstart even before the first public screening is done, it would not be that much difficult to guess that this film would be acclaimed critically as well as be able to gladden the minds of producers by fattening their wallets.






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