Paranormal Whacktivity signs a deal with Screen Media Films

Screen Media Films

Los Angeles, CA (July 15, 3013) Max Davids and Anthony Topman, Producers of Paranormal Whacktivity announced that the film has signed a North American distribution deal with Screen Media Films. For those that are on the lookout for something out of the ordinary and are comfortable, indeed find mirth in the otherwise wholly unwelcome notion of shadowy paranormal characters swishing by their nuptial beds, would find this film absolutely funny and irresistible. These viewers are not wacky or abnormal in any sense; they just enjoy the absurdity while getting kicks out of such impossible and quirky situations wishing very hard that they experience at least one such instance in real life. Also, Paranormal Whacktivity movie is the mix and match of two radically opposite emotions; one that is eagerly expectant of ultimate physical proximity of loved one while remaining always alert and on guard to counter any violation by paranormal forces, makes their hair stand on their hands and adrenalin rush through arteries and veins. True such people are not in the majority among cine goers but those that are of this type are dedicated and loyal to their genre and would not settle for anything less.

While on the topic of genre one actually tries very hard not to slip between the cracks as it were as this movie is part a hilarious comedy and part a horror thriller with none gaining an upper hand but existing in a delightful and perfect harmony with one another.

It is precisely because of this uniqueness that the film needs a strong distribution house to give it the critical boost that it needs to attract average cine goers to the darkened auditoriums screening this unique and perhaps a bit spooky film.

Screen Media Films is perhaps the best distributor of this film as the distribution house has a formidable reputation and enviable goodwill built up assiduously over the years as connoisseurs of good films ability and willingness to flex muscles to ensure a good work of art gets its due recognition. Further, its widespread network of not only screen distribution but also video distribution gives it an almost unassailable reach and contact at almost homes of the country.

There is also no specific genre that Screen Media specializes in. Its only requirement is the film should be outstanding and be able to hold viewers attention through uniqueness of subject, treatment, histrionic excellence and its technical superiority. This is borne from some such oddball releases it has to its credit. While at one end we have ‘Heleno’ that analyses the life and times of the first soccer superstar of the world, at the other hand of the spectrum we witness ‘Wild Horse Wild Ride’ that dwells on taming wild mustangs, and we have not even started speaking of ‘Lymelife’ or ‘The Private Lives of Pippa Lee’ or the super stunner ‘JIG’.

Given this awe inspiring legacy of backing genuine works of art, it would indeed be a boon for Paranormal Whacktivity to be distributed by Screen Media Films as such a backup would sure be necessary to bring audience to purchase DVDs and downloads online. None can argue with the basic premise that the first step towards the success of a film is taken when producers sign a deal with domestic distributor.






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